Dreaming David K -
Black Cat Metaphysics

(CD 2022, 58:22, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Out Of The Darkness(11:32)
  2- Dragonhunter(3:11)
  3- Multiverse Theory(8:29)
  4- Man Make Mistakes(6:13)
  5- Playing With Fire(7:00)
  6- Blue Sky Thinking(3:00)
  7- Interstellar(7:13)
  8- Dragonfood(11:27)

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Dreaming David K is a London UK based progressive rock act which was unknown to me until recently. With the release of Black Cat Metaphysics they got my interest all the way. They are led by David Kovacevic (lead vocals and keyboards). On the album he is assisted by Gavin Beckwith (lead guitars, mandolin, bass and harmony vocals), Marco Magnani (guitars and bass) and Jerome Banningan (drums and percussion). Plus a bunch of guest musicians.

Black Cat Metaphysics is a real treat for people who love the seventies prog acts and neo progressive rock bands of the eighties. The album is most of all filled with Rick Wakeman kind of Minimoog parts which are a delight to hear throughout the entire album. Also the guitar solos are very excellently done and a real treat to listen to.

Right from the start it is kicking ass with the opening tune Out Of The Darkness. It's the longest track on the album! If somebody told you Wakeman comes out of the speakers you would have believed it right away. It is a great up tempo tune with fine sing-a-long lyrics. The lion's roar welcomes you to the next track. Dragonhunter is another fine up tempo composition with again excellent keyboard parts. Fine saxophone parts are included as well. The next piece Multiverse Theory opens with the sound of an airplane if I am not wrong. The pace is still rather fast and the musicianship again of a very high calibre. Again wonderful keyboard, guitar and saxophone parts to enjoy. The sing-a-long lyrics are again present as well. Next up Man Make Mistakes. Excellent flute parts move the sound towards a band such as Jethro Tull. On the other hand the synthesizers might make you think you are dealing with the earlier mentioned Rick Wakeman or Yes. Great guitar parts are again included and give the song even a hard rock touch. Playing With Fire is the next composition. After a Wakeman kind of intro on the piano and synthesizer the music moves towards a style which you don't expect on a progressive rock album at all. Soulful and funky kind of music can be enjoyed on which the saxophone has a short solo. Even some blues parts are included. Occasionally the Wakeman solos get a spot in between to give the song still a progressive rock touch! It is followed by Blue Sky Thinking. Again a happy prog tune to enjoy. The trumpets that you hear give you a Mexican feeling. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass so to speak. Interstellar is next and another up tempo piece of music to enjoy. Great guitar parts are really up front here next to some Wakeman kind of keyboard parts. The album ends with one of the longest tracks on the album. Dragonfood is a strong closing piece of music which starts with fine flute parts. Most parts are rather fast and have lots of strong instrumental passages coming from the electric guitar and synthesizers. Sometimes the melody reminds me of a well know hit single recorded by Jean-Michel Jarre.

Black Cat Metaphysics is musically a rich album that doesn't require many listening sessions to fully appreciate it. Well at least for me it got stuck inside my proghead right from the start. This third release is something to discover for everybody who enjoys the seventies prog acts and neo progressive rock bands of the eighties. Highly recommended if you like the music of Rick Wakeman, Yes, Camel, Greenslade, Jethro Tull, IQ, Marillion, Pendragon, Pallas or Landmarq!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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