Dream The Electric Sleep -

(CD 2014, 73.13, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Heretics
  2- Elizabeth
  3- Utopic
  4- To Love Is To Leave
  5- The Name You Fear
  6- It Must Taste Good
  7- I Know What You Are
  8- Fist To Face
  9- Lost Our Faith
10- How Long We Wait
11- Ashes Fall

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Dream The Electric Sleep (DTES) are a progressive rock band from Lexington, Kentucky, USA. This trio consists of Matt Page (guitar, vocals), Joey Waters (drums) and Chris Tackett (bass). Their debut album Lost And Gone Forever (2011) got international critical acclaim; it was a hidden favourite amongst many people in the prog rock, crossover and heavy rock scenes. Background Magazine rewarded DTES's debut with a positive review as well (see review). Recently they privately released the second album Heretics featuring eleven tracks with 73 minutes of brand new material.

Again DTES have recorded an album containing an incredible number of influences from other bands. Among them are the vintage progressive bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and The Moody Blues with touches of Rush, U2, Radiohead , Coldplay and Khoma of which the latter band was my first association with DTES's music. Matt Page's voice sounds like an exact copy of Frederik Kihlberg of the Swedish post-rockers of Khoma. His high and emotional voice carries the band's intense mixture of sweeping melodies and roaring guitars.

Heretics takes the time to reveal its secrets. It needs a number of listens to gain access to its inner beauty. Highlights include the vibrant opening title track, the great prog rock epic I Know What You Are that nicely builds up to a climax, and How Long We Wait in which inspired post-rock meets excellent symphonic prog rock. The entire album is truly impressive. It sounds like a lost relic; the kind of album that is meant to be heard loudly and in its entirety. Heretics broke my heart, opened my mind, expanded my imagination and left me speechless...

**** Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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