Double Track - Hope

(CD 2022/ 1984, 43:35, Gad Records GAD CD 204)

The tracks:
  1- Kilgore Trout(5:45)
  2- The Mountains(9:44)
  3- Icon(8:46)
  4- Gdańsk(00:36)
  5- Five(5:56)
  6- Doomsday(7:58)
  7- Hope(4:25)


In the Eighties Double Track was an unusual Polish musical duo that featured Dariusz Niemcewicz on bass and Paweł Matych on keyboards, they performed on stage, were on the radio, but never recorded an album. Recently record company Gad Records discovered a tape with a concert from 1984 in the Park club in Warsaw, it was remastered and finally put on CD.

Well, in December 1983 the legendary Tangerine Dream played in the Polish capital Warsaw, this must have inspired Pawel, especially in the tracks Five and Doomsday, to me it sounds as a fine tribute to the Eighties sound of Tangerine Dream, along with inspiration from JM Jarre (Five and Hope) and Larry Fast his acclaimed project Synergy (Icon). In the other tracks Double Track also succeed in keeping my attention, lots of captivating electronic music, from slow rhythms (Dariusz uses the in 1984 advanced Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55 drum machine) with the distinctive soaring Solina string-ensemble sound, and spacey beeps and bleeps to more bombastic with fat and spectacular synthesizer flights (on his Korg Monopoly and Roland Jupiter 4), like in the mid-long The Mountains.

If you like electronic music this is an interesting album to discover.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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