Disconnect - Obscuros

(CD 2010, 65:18, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Visitor(7:35)
  2- Carcadian Rhythms(8:28)
  3- Obscuros(6:21)
  4- K.G.(7:16)
  5- What Else Is Left To Say(14:14)
  6- Aggregate Waste(7:22)
  7- Outlander(6:44)
  8- A Most Unpleasant Business(7:17)

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Thanks to the American band Disconnect, a new era of progressive rock music will find its way to the die-hard prog rock fans. Disconnect is a duo consisting of Eric O'Dell (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Brian Eschrich (drums, percussion). These two guys have been working together for more than twenty years and they have released three full-length albums: Radio Hostile (2010), Fragments (2010) and Obscuros (2010). So, you may say these guys have been very productive last year.

Obscuros is an amazing album and listeners are treated to eight highly innovative tracks with obvious influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush, Oceansize, Spock's Beard and Tiles. The opening track The Visitor sets the trend for the rest of the album as this song is filled with lots of tempo changes, warm vocals, great guitar melodies and lots of Rush-like bass hooks; a great song to start an album with! The instrumental title track features Sieges Even-like musical passages and an organ part that brings back memories of good old Deep Purple. It also features a slightly jazzy-relaxed guitar solo and a slide guitar solo resembling Steve Howe. The absolute highlight of this CD is the epic What Else Is Left To Say which gives the prog rock and metal listener all he wants to hear: sparkling guitar melodies and solos, orchestral keyboard passages, distorted vocals and awesome tempo changes and rhythm breaks. This great album ends with the Tiles-like song A Most Unpleassant Business, which is again a quite diverse prog rock song with ballad-like parts and a great guitar solo at the end.

All in all this is a highly recommendable prog rock album and a must for fans of the aforementioned bands. Check out Disconnect and you will be hooked, just like me!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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