Dianoya - Lidocaine

(CD 2012, 55.05, Glasville Records)

The tracks:
  1- Far Cry(5:23)
  2- Cold Genius(5:22)
  3- 1000G(6:07)
  4- One-Sided(5:29)
  5- Good News Comes After a While(4:03)
  6- Figaro Song(2:15)
  7- Best Wishes(6:19)
  8- Endgame(6:03)
  9- Nothing In Return(7:27)
10- 21st Century(5:14)
11- Venid(1:22)

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Musically Dianoya can be described as a combination of heavy metal riffs with psychedelic gentleness', promised the folder that was sent together with the CD Lidocaine. From the internet I learned that Dianoya is a Polish band that started off in 2008 and released their debut album Obscurity Divine in 2010. The music on that debut is compared to Porcupine Tree, Riverside and Oceansize. Furthermore, the band stated that compared to their debut album, Lidocaine is much more energetic and more diverse in terms of mood. So I was anxious to listen to this album.

I played Lidocaine a couple of times and I was rather disappointed that nowadays this kind of bands even can get a record deal. Or am I deaf or what? What I heard was an album filled with cliché drop D riffs in the vein of Tool blended with infantile lyrics sung in inaudible English. Check the music and the lyrics of Best Wishes and you'll immediately catch my drift. It's neither energetic nor gentle; cliché prog rock for a dime a dozen. I know at least three bands in my home town that are better than Dianoya. Comparisons with any of the above-mentioned premier league bands are an insult to those bands. Sorry guys, but this is simply not good enough.

**- Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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