Deuter - D & Aum

D: (CD 1971/2010, 41:00, Esoteric Recordings EREACD 1008)
Aum: (CD 1972/2010, 43:48, Esoteric Recordings EREACD 1009)

The tracks:
  1- Babylon(14:59)
         -   a. Adantino
         -   b. Allegro 138A
         -   c. Andante
         -   d. Allegro 138B
  2- Der Turm/Fluchtpunkt(4:30)
  3- Krishna Eating Fish and Chips(10:16)
  4- Atlantis(6:06)
  5- Gammastrahlen-Lamm(5:04)
  1- Phoenix(2:41)
  2- Aum(2:08)
  3- Soham(4:59)
  4- Offener Himmel I/Gleichzeitig(5:37)
  5- Offener Himmel II(2:29)
  6- Sattwa(1:34)
  7- Morning Glory(2:17)
  8- Soma(2:00)
  9- Sura Shabda(2:40)
10- Abraxas(1:56)
11- Susani(8:07)
12- Key(6:58)

Esoteric Recordings

Georg Deuter was one of the electronic music pioneers who at the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies started to experiment with sounds, loops and waves to give expression to the industrial feeling that started to get a hold in Germany. Deuter started in his one-room apartment to fiddle around with all kinds of objects and cassette-players. On his first two albums, D (1971) and Aum (1972), he created a sound similar to that of the first solo albums of Klaus Schulze. However, Deuter was somewhat more influenced by Oriental music. His musical style was more melodic, so he sounded nicer than the first efforts of Tangerine Dream, but exciting sequencer patterns were not to be found yet. You could say that Deuter and Schulze were the trailblazers for musicians like Kitaro who some years later realized a commercial breakthrough with a fuller sound based on the same musical patterns. With that these two re-releases aren't essential for the casual EM-fan, but for the serious collector they are, so far as they don't already own a copy of D and Aum. Regrettably there are no extras on these CD's, but the improved quality of sound compensates for that.

** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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