Derev - Leap Of Faith

(CD 2021, 36:23, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Tunnel Vision(1:04)
  2- Turab(5:15)
  3- Futile(8:22)
  4- Delayed(7:07)
  5- Slipping Down Again(5:59)
  6- Ghost Of Guilt(8:35)

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Derev is a “Canadian” prog rock metal band consisting of Italian/Armenian guitarist Armando Bablanian, Syrian/Armenian drummer Michel Karakach and Canadian bass player Liam Horrigan. Leap Of Faith, an EP, featuring six songs, is their musical debut and Derev combines traditional metal with melodic progressive rock and Eastern musical influences.

The EP opens with Tunnel Vision, a very short sound/electronics track, before Turab opens with some excellent heavy guitar riffs and emotional vocals by Adel Saflou; check out the excellent lyrics of this song as well. Follow up Futile really reminds me of Riverside being a great diverse prog rock song that really stands out on this awesome EP. Delayed is quieter and here you can hear and experience Derev's Eastern musical influences, while Slipping Down Again is again very emotional and features a very nice melodic guitar solo by Bablanian. Leap Of Faith closes with the mysterious Ghost Of Guilt and the longest song of this EP features some psychedelic elements reminding me of Opeth and Pink Floyd. The song is well composed, recorded, and arranged making it an almost perfect progressive rock song.

Derev really surprised me with this great EP, a must listen for fans of Riverside, Opeth and Haken; highly recommended indeed!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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