Demians - Mute

(CD 2010, 55:29, Inside Out IOMCD 061)

The tracks:
  1- Swing Of The Airwaves(7:27)
  2- Feel Alive(4:33)
  3- Porcelain(5:33)
  4- Black Over Gold(6:10)
  5- Overhead(6:33)
  6- Tidal(3:47)
  7- Rainbow Ruse(5:31)
  8- Hesitation Waltz(6:46)
  9- Falling From The Sun(4:10)

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The second progressive rock album of the French multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Chapel is again worth-while. After listening to Mute a couple of times, I had to conclude that this Demians-album is heavier; it contains more up-tempo songs than his debut Building An Empire (2008). As an example of this, I can refer to the opening track Swing Of The Airwaves, featuring lots of heavy guitar riffs. This song actually reminds me of bands like Muse and Coldplay.
Of course, you can also enjoy a couple of mellower songs like for instance Porcelain or Black Over Gold that feature hints of No-Man, Porcupine Tree and Radiohead. However, if you like your music loud and heavy than you can choose Tidal, which is loud and more aggressive slightly reminding me of Devin Townsend! The odd track on this excellent album is the last one called Falling From The Sun, a very melancholic ballad, not being my musical cup of tea actually.

Mute is a ‘must have’ album for all fans of progressive rock and it shows, that Nicolas Chapel is a man with huge talent and potential. Buy or die!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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