Deafening Opera - Blueprint

(CD 2013, 54:01, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Her Decay(7:26)
  2- Tatjana(0:49)
  3- Dripping Hot Chocolate(6:50)
  4- Blueprint(7:33)
  5- Jericho I Am(4:53)
  6- 25.000 Miles(6:55)
  7- Paralelno(6:58)
  8- No Man's Shadow(5:09)
  9- Porcupine Syndrome(7:29)

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Deafening Opera are a German band formed in Munich in 2006 by Adrian Daleore (vocals), Moritz Kunkel (guitar), Thomas Moser (guitar) and Christian Eckstein (bass), later on joined by Konrad Gonschorek (drums) and Tilman Espert (keyboards). The latter was replaced by Gérald Marie in 2009. In the same year they recorded their debut album Synesteria and now their second full-length album has appeared. In the biography they position themselves somewhere between Porcupine Tree and Riverside , but in my opinion that's wishful thinking as their music sounds rather redundant and boring to me.

Blueprint is a concept album. Paralelno, one of the nine songs, features French lyrics though I can't understand why. All of the nine compositions are chaotic; a real good musical or compositional structure is hard to find. Furthermore I have to say that the pronunciation of singer Adrian Daleore needs some distinct improvement as his English almost sounds like someone from the comedy Allo Allo! I find the music of Deafening Opera uninspiring, predictable and mediocre.

No rating, Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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