Deafcon5 - Exit To Insight

(CD 2024,56:30, Fastball)

The tracks:
  1- Prologue(3:34)
  2- Caught In(6:53)
  3- As I Am(4:11)
  4- Disaffection(4:00)
  5- Escape Route(6:56)
  6- Self-Delusion(6:34)
  7- Serious Doubts(5:37)
  8- Disequilibrium(7:44)
  9- Trip To Me(8:41)
10- Who I (Really) Am(2:10)

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Deafcon5 hails from Germany and the band consists of Michael Gerstle (vocals), Dennis Altmann (guitar), Frank Feyerabend (keys), Frank Schwaneberg (bass guitar) and Sebastian Moschuring (drums) and these are all experienced musicians that started their career together in 2008. Exit To Insight is Deafcon5's fourth studio album and it is a concept album featuring ten songs with a prologue - lots of talking here - and an epilogue Who I (really) Am.

So, the album kicks off with: "Dear listener...". The so-called prologue which ends with a dark guitar solo before the "real" first track Caught In, takes your breath away with a beautiful guitar solo/melody and the entire song is a 100% pure progressive hard rock song with lots of twists and turns and some awesome guitar solos. Follow up As I Am also features excellent melodic guitar work by Dennis Altmann and the vocals sometimes remind me of good old Helloween; also, a German band of course.... Disaffection is the rather superfluous power ballad of this album, which is rather cliché in fact, so skip it if you can.... Escape Route - check out the more than excellent guitar work here- could have been a track on an Axel Rudi Pell album, while the longest (8:41) song Trip To Me is the highlight of the album, being a very complex track packed with lots of tempo changes and it really is a true proggy hard rock song, full of musical surprises indeed.

Overall, I think that Defcon5 has made an excellent album, which you come to appreciate after a couple of spins indeed, but do not expect anything new as the band really tries to combine different musical influences; so, check it out.
Listening tip: Escape Route!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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