De Rossi & Bordini -
De Rossi E Bordini

(CD 2022, 55:42, Ma.Ra.Cash Records)

The tracks:
  1- Il Pozzo Dei Giganti(19:05)
  2- La Porta Nel Buio(18:42)
  3- Natività(4:57)
  4- Cammellandia(12:58)

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One of the first Classic Italian Prog LP's I ever bought was an expensive import album, the vintage keyboard drenched Opera Prima by Rustichelli & Bordini (from 1973), with that iconic cover, a naked bald and heavy weight man holding a baby in his arms. Well, I was very curious when I noticed that drummer Carlo Bordini had made a new album, with keyboard player Gianluca De Rossi (know from Tapobran and Cherry Five), so from Rustichelli & Bordini to De Rossi & Bordini, funny. Band info. “The two met in 2007 and formed the duo De Rossi & Bordini in order to participate in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy tribute projects, promoted by Colossus Magazine and produced by Musea Records. Their purpose is to continue the path started by Paolo Rustichelli and Carlo Bordini in 1973 on their legendary Opera Prima album. This artistic cooperation has been so positive and stimulating that, some years later, on the initiative of Black Widow Records, the band Cherry Five reformed, with the original singer Antonio Tartarini, Pino Sallusti on bass and Ludovico Piccinini on guitars. In 2015 the group recorded the new album Il Pozzo dei Giganti, receiving positive responses both from the public and the critics. After Pino Sallusti's death in Mar 2017, De Rossi and Bordini come back together to play live some Cherry Five, Taproban and Rustichelli e Bordini tracks, and to compose and record a new album.”

Il Pozzo Dei Giganti: The album starts with spoken words, then a fluent mid-tempo with fat Minimoog flights and powerful and dynamic drums beats, it's obvious that De Rossi & Bordini pay tribute to Rustichelli & Bordini, wonderful vintage keyboard driven Classic Italian Prog, I love it! From halfway lots of shifting moods featuring excellent interplay between Bordini his powerful and dynamic drums and De Rossi his electric piano, clavinet, Hammond, Minimoog and Mellotron, blended with some theatrical Italian vocals. The one moment sounding a bit experimental, the next moment like Rick Wakeman solo, especially the fat Minimoog synthesizer flights and the majestic Mellotron choir eruptions, goose bumps!

La Porta Nel Buio: First a bit experimental sounding interplay between piano and drums, then the atmosphere alternates between dreamy with tender Grand piano, mid-tempo with swinging piano and bombastic with Hammond, Moog and Mellotron. Especially the second part is “a vintage keyboard fan's wet dream”, what an exciting sound with a churchy Hammond organ, sumptuous Mellotron choirs and fat Minimoog flights, blended with Moog Taurus bass pedals, awesome work on drums (from subtle hi-hats to powerful drum beats) and some vocals, very warm, in Italian. The final part features an ultra-bombastic climate with Mellotron choirs and strong drums, then an acceleration with flashy Minimoog and dynamic drums, wow!

After these two studio epics the final two tracks are taken from Opera Prima album, and performed live.

Natività: An abridged version. The focus is on a swinging rhythm with piano and Hammond, in between mellow piano, it sounds pleasant and catchy.

Cammellandia: First a dreamy piano intro, then a slow rhythm with a bombastic Hammond sound and Moog Taurus bass pedals. Halfway a drum solo, then fat Minimoog sounds join, followed again by bombastic Hammond organ. Finally wonderful Grand piano play, from dreamy to sparkling, almost 50 years later De Rossi & Bordini did a good job by playing these Rustichelli & Bordini compositions.

If you like vintage keyboard driven Classic Italian Prog check out this album!

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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