Daymoon - Cruz Quebrada

(CD 2016, 71:06, Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD038)

The tracks:
  1- Cruz Quebrada(2:28)
  2- Fish Dissected(5:45)
  3- Where It Hurts The Most(3:38)
  4- Shipwreck(8:26)
  5- Whalebone(8:07)
  6- Over The Cliff(1:36)
  7- Thyme(15:24)
The River:
  8- The Mummy(1:04)
  9- The Single Most Expensive Kiss In History(3:59)
10- Headlong(2:09)
11- I Abraham(4:33)
12- Ghost(1:49)
13- Severance & Down Falls(4:53)
14- Indian White(5:02)
15- Onward(2:05)

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Cruz Quebrada is the third studio album by Daymoon. Fred Lessing (vocals, electric, acoustic & bass guitar, flute, baroque recorder, keyboards, percussion, angklung, African xylophone, blues harp, field recordings) is the main guy behind the band, which consists of several band members and guest musicians. Their latest release is a concept album with a sad, touching story, because Fred lost his wife not so long ago. It's filled with several instruments, from African xylophone to recorders, most played by sir Lessing himself. It's quite a long trip through music which lasts over an hour, containing sixteen tracks.

Opener track Cruz Quebrada starts very spooky and haunting, becoming heavy and filled with inimitable sounds. After a minute and a half it becomes calmer, but it's still eerie. Fish Dissected starts with a piano solo, then accompanied by a guitar, bass and orchestral sounds. Where It Hurts The Most is a more calm track but still contains heavy instrumental moments. Shipwreck continues in the sort of same vibe as Where It Hurts The Most. After four minutes it completely changes into another song which is more up tempo. Whalebone starts with several wind instruments, followed by spoken words, this precedes the start of the song.. Over The Cliff is a small transition between tracks with spoken words again. The intro of Thyme reminds me a little of Sand Snowman. The musical arrangements are very well executed and really get my attention. The atmosphere of the song is slightly haunting but beautiful. After four minutes intro the vocals come in. It's one of my favourite songs on the album. Around ten minutes it becomes more folky because of the percussion and choirs.
The River at twenty five minutes is the longest track on the album, separated in eight smaller tracks, starting with The Mummy. A short track with only vocals and acoustic guitar. The Single Most Expensive Kiss In History contains a Mike Oldfield like guitar sound, which I quite like. Headlong is a real progressive rock track with Mellotron and some upfront bass, that transits into I Abraham. This is another favourite of mine. It reminds me a bit of 70s progressive rock, and I love the present bass. Ghost is a short up tempo song again, that has a country style sound of guitars and vocals. Severance & Down Falls has a nice outro with several wind instruments. Indian White starts with vocals and acoustic guitar, followed with several flutes, bass, piano and other instruments, another very lovely, folky track that makes you dream. Onward is another track which starts with acoustic guitar and vocals, and has a slight melancholic feeling. It's music that demands your full attention because there's a lot going on, using different sounds and musical styles.

This was a tough album to review. I do like music where a lot is happening in and that needs your full attention, but some moments were a bit too much for me personally. Some transitions are very well conceived, others sadly not so good. Some vocals sound a bit too dull in my opinion as well. I do adore the moments that grab me, and I am sure there are people out there that will love all the music that's on the album.

**** Iris Hidding (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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