Day Six -
Samples Of Genetic Wisdom, Captured To Survive

(CD 2012, 73.46, FREIA Music)

The tracks:
  1- Castel Gandolfo(6:26)
  2- 7th Sign [exclusive on vinyl](6:56)
  3- Massive Glacial Wall(9:03)
  4- Age Of Technology [unreleased demo version](8:34)
  5- Legend Of The Hollow(10:24)
  6- The Crypt(14:28)
  7- Dark Tower(6:28)
  8- Jareth (Peanuts)(9:54)
  9- Into The Underworld [by Peanuts](8:38)

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Day Six are a progressive rock band from the southern part of the Netherlands consisting of Daan Liebregts (drums), Nick Verstappen (bass guitar), Dolf van Heugten (synthesizers) and Robbie van Stiphout (guitar, vocals). They are often compared to Rush, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, but also to more contemporary groups like Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Dream Theater. In 2003 Day Six released their debut album Eternal Dignity. A year later they were quite successful for they became the winners of two important Dutch competitions, namely the Metal Battle and the Aardschok Metal Bash. Only in 2010 they recorded their second album The Grand Design, which was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Split Second Sound, Textures).

In 2012 keyboard player Dolf van Heugten announced his departure from the band. Therefore the 'new' album Samples Of Genetic Wisdom, Captured To Survive is a retrospective of all the work of Day Six together with Van Heugten. This compilation includes songs from the aforementioned two studio albums, but also previously unreleased tracks from the early days when they called themselves Peanuts. On most of the recent songs Day Six sound solid as a rock with stunning and powerful vocals, strong and tasteful guitar play and an amazing tight rhythm-section. Unfortunately the keyboards can't keep up with the other instruments. Maybe that's the reason why Van Heugten left the band? I really don't know, but in my opinion the playing on the keyboards is of a lesser quality.

If you order Samples Of Genetic Wisdom, Captured To Survive on vinyl, you get one bonus track. On CD you can enjoy a balanced set of songs that will give you almost eighty minutes of the best Dutch symphonic prog metal. My favourite track is Legend Of The Hollow which really is an awesome piece of music. Hopefully this release isn't intended to become the band's requiem, but only as an interlude for more beautiful music to come!

***+ Gert Bruins (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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