Davide Laugelli -
Out Of The Nightmare

(EP CD 2023, 27:02, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Blind Eyes Of A Burning Dogma(7:14)
  2- Into The Silence I Drink(7:33)
  3- Message From Neptune(2:33)
  4- Xanax In The Moonlight(2:46)
  5- Return To Stonehenge(1:32)
  6- Life Is A Joke(5:16)


Davide Laugelli is an Italian bass player from Lombardy who moved to Bologna where he undertook most of his musical journey. He played in several bands which took him on the road in Europe many times. Debut album Soundtrack Of A Nightmare (see review) was released in 2017.Now Davide is back again with Out Of The Nightmare.

So to speak it took him six years to step out of his nightmare, which started when he wrote the instrumental soundtrack of a nightmare. This new solo effort can be seen as the natural continuation of the concept. Meaning; The formula will always be the same: two basses, fretless and fretted both played by Laugelli, drums and synth. The formation that revolves around the Lombard bassist always sees Filippo Maccarelli behind the drums while the keyboards are shared by Gabriele Quaranta and Laugelli himself. Furthermore, prestigious names such as guitarist Timo Tolkki (track 3, Stratovarius, Revolution Renaissance, Avantasia, Timo Tolkki's Avalon), keyboardist Marco Bertoni (track 6, Confusional Quartet), drummer Michele Panepinto (track 5, Inner Vitriol, Gli Atroci) and vocalist Roberta Brini (track 5) appear as guests.

Laugelli is a metal bassist and does nothing to hide it while listening to Out Of The Nightmare, but don't think you will get a metal album in the normal way. With all of his solo projects he tries to demonstrate that there can be a metal variant even without the guitar dominating the scene. Influences taken from progressive rock and movie soundtracks are included on the six tracks as well. It is mostly horror and sci-fi movies that come to mind while listening to this album. Sometimes the music can be compared with bands such as the Italian masters of suspence Golblin or the Swedish prog band Anima Morte. No real favourite tracks to name because everything is of the same strong level.

Most of all recommended for those who love to lose themselves among evocative soundtracks with sci-fi and horror features. Even if you are not a metalhead that's for sure. So sit down and dim the lights and play Out Of The Nightmare.

*** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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