David Minasian -
Random Acts Of Beauty

(CD 2010, 62:00, Prog/Rock Records)

The tracks:
  1- Masquerade(12:32)
  2- Chambermaid(8:48)
  3- Storming The Castle(5:30)
  4- Blue Rain(7:36)
  5- Frozen In Time(14:36)
  6- Summer's End(7:56)
  7- Dark Waters(5:03)

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David Minasian is an American composer and video director who wrote very successful songs for movies. He also directed more than sixty films and DVD's. He has spent his career dividing his time between the worlds of music and movies. Music wise Minasian focuses on composing epic pieces of very melodic keyboard passages with lots of obvious influences from symphonic rock music in the vein of notorious bands from the seventies like Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Genesis and Camel. He also directed the highly acclaimed DVD Coming Of Age of a concert by Camel. On Minasian's second album Random Acts Of Beauty - his debut album Tales Of Heroes And Lovers appeared in 1984! - you can hear Andy Latimer singing and playing a heavenly guitar solo.

The emphasis on Random Acts Of Beauty lies definitely on melody, pure dynamics and really lots of Mellotron. You can also enjoy a couple of outstanding melodic guitar solos and it's needless to say that the solo of Mr. Latimer is the best of the entire album. You can marvel at that solo in the opening track Masquerade. Every time I hear it I'm deeply moved and touched. This man really can play emotional and heartbreaking solos! The other six tracks are all a mix of symphonic rock, prog rock and sometimes even neo-classical rock. Most of these mainly long tracks are rather melodic and full of keyboard parts and great guitar solos. These solos are played by Justin Minasian, David's twenty-year old son, who did a great job. David Minasian also used a couple of curious instruments like the harpsichord, the oboe and the flute which all add something extra to the tracks. The longest song Frozen In Time is an instrumental beauty that sometimes reminds me of good old Mike Oldfield. So if you like dreamy, melodic symphonic rock and the music of Camel then you can buy this album even without listening!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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