Dave Brock - Memos And Demos

(CD 2001/2011, 70:44, Atomhenge ATOMCD 1033)

The tracks:
  1- Clouded Vision(4:57)
  2- State Of Mind [Instrumental](4:35)
  3- State Of Mind [Vocal](5:29)
  4- Tune-Ing In(3:39)
  5- Kauai(1:38)
  6- Morpheus(2:34)
  7- Find The Right Way(2:42)
  8- Didn't I Have A Problem(3:52)
  9- Luna(3:41)
10- Love In Space(5:37)
11- Surreal Sex Dreams(4:03)
12- Just Drifting(2:00)
13- Sweet Obsession(3:37)
14- Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?(7:14)
15- Space Riders & Sex Dreams(9:00)
16- Distant Islands(6:01)

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Let's first read what Dave Brock has to say about this re-release: 'I can't say this is a great album because it isn't. But it does have legitimate interest for the die-hard Hawkwind-fans who are interested in my creative process.' Brock says this because, as the title Memos And Demos already indicates, this album consists of a bunch of, well... memos and demos. Most of them have been recorded around 1998 for the Hawkwind-album Distant Horizons. These rough tracks give an insight into the creative process of Hawkwind's band leader. For most of the songs the final structure of the composition is already present. At the same time you can hear what the other band members will bring into the mix later on. Memos And Demos is in fact a collector's item for the hard core fans of Hawkwind and a passing curiosity for other listeners. Being a collector myself I didn't notice any difference compared to the original release, except for a slightly better sound quality and the additional artwork. Therefore the main reason for this re-release is that Memos And Demos wasn't available anymore.

**- André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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