Cryptic Vision -
Of Infinite Possibilities

(CD 2012, 66:18, ProgRock Records)

The tracks:
  1- Singularity(3:59)
  2- Starting Gun(6:21)
  3- The Secret(5:25)
  4- Affecting Time(4:01)
  5- Obsolete(4:23)
  6- M Theory(4:03)
  7- Real Magic(5:00)
  8- Lucid Dream(2:40)
  9- Flash of Life Part Two(4:52)
10- Other Side(4:41)
11- Of Infinite Possibilities(20:43)

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After about six years of silence Cryptic Vision return with part three of their trilogy called Moments Of Clarity In A World Of Infinite Possibilities, which is rather a mouthful! I must confess that I've never heard Moments Of Clarity (2004) and In A World (2006), the first and the second part of this trilogy, but I rather like this third part as it has clear influences of some of my favourite bands like Spock's Beard, Kansas, Styx and even Yes. The entire album contains melodic hooks, complex rhythms, amazing solos and most of all excellent vocals. The name of the lead vocalist is Todd Plant and you should really check out this album as his vocal performance on this album is second to none. Just listen to songs like The Secret, Obsolete or Real Magic and you will be convinced that Plant is a great singer. The other band members are Timothy Keese (guitar, vocals), Howard Helm (keyboards, vocals), Rick Duncan (drums, guitar, keyboards) and Sam Conable (bass, vocals).

A couple of songs have rather bombastic passages and then Dream Theater comes to mind. Take for example a song like Flash Of Life, part 2 which is a blend of Dream Theater and Styx. The absolute masterpiece of this album is the epic title track  which last more than twenty minutes. It's a real treat to lovers of prog rock and prog metal. These musicians really surprised me with this amazing album and I'm now searching for their two previous albums. I hope they're just as good as Of Infinite Possibilities.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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