Crimson Sky - Misunderstood

(CD 2009, 60:52, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- After The Rain(03:46)
  2- Turn It Up(04:18)
  3- Season's End(05:12)
  4- Thing's Die(04:23)
  5- A Sleep That Burns(10:08)
The Misunderstood Suite (tracks 6 to 11)
  6- Misunderstood 1(03:43)
  7- The Sea(06:56)
  8- I Do Not Count The Time(04:53)
  9- Misunderstood 2(06:03)
10- The Space Between Us(03:24)
11- Misunderstood 3(07:41)

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Crimson Sky is a rather new band from the U.K. formed in 2002 by Martin Leamon (guitar) and Clive Lambert (bass guitar). Their aim was making original music that differs from the mainstream music we hear all day on popular radio stations. After Chris Cady (keyboards) and Holly Thody (lead vocals) joined the band in 2008, they became a steady unit. This resulted in playing in bigger venues and the release of their debut album Misunderstood.

When I listened to the music of Crimson Sky for the first time, it was evident that this band has yet a lot to learn. Nothing to be ashamed for, if you know the album is a low-budget recording without the help of a major record company. Fortunately, you hear a talented band and the musicians are certainly no amateurs on their instruments. For example, the synthesizer solo on Seasonís End is very tasteful. Moreover, the guitar solos throughout the album show that Mr. Leamon is a gifted player with a fine ear for melody. Female singer Holly Thody has a strong voice. She often reminded me of Gwen Stefani (No Doubts). Without doubt, the highlight on the album is the over 30-minute long epic piece Misunderstood Suite. Especially the keyboards, guitars and vocals sound very strong on this long track.

Misunderstood is a fine debut album containing rather simple, but still very enjoyable progressive rock music. You might compare the music of Crimson Sky to bands as Mostly Autumn, Breathing Space, Touchstone, The Reasoning and Panic Room.

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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