Consider The Source -
World War Trio Part I

(CD 2014, 23:31, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Put Another Rock in That Bag(23:31)

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Consider The Source is a trio hailing from the United States and blending progressive rock, fusion and jazz to a style of their own. A style that is defined by the addition of several outer space influences as well as Middle Eastern and Indian styles. CTS consists of Gabriel Marin; a virtuoso on the fretless guitar, who plays a double neck that has one fretted and one fretless neck, John Ferrara on bass and drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann.

World War Trio Part I is the first of a trilogy the band is about to release and this mini album basically only has one composition, that is divided in five segments. One of the musical parts is written by Jan Zerfeldt, Panzerballett's founder and guitar player, the other parts are self-written. When you listen to this epic composition, you might notice that the influences that made the band famous in their style; the Arabic and Indian orientated parts are less noticeable on this album. What leaves us with more middle of the road compositions, sometimes heavy and adventurous, sometimes melodic and mysterious. A strong point is the way these musicians have defined their sound; the fretless guitar really sounds awesome by itself, but when funky bass parts are added underneath and the playful drums kick in the real CTS sound comes to life. The last part of this mini album is the perfect sample of the way I love this band and I hope the following releases that will complete the trilogy take off where this one ends.

Consider The Source is a band that is bursting with talent and I hope that this album will take them to a level where they get the recognition they deserve. CTS is not playing on safe, but taking chances with all the influences embedded in their music, you have to give them credits for that fact!

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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