Connecting Theory -
In Plain Sight

(CD 2022, 37:47, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- In Silence(5:21)
  2- Life On A knife Edge(5:31)
  3- Evil Twin(8:28)
  4- Tunnelling (instrumental)(6:58)
  5- Last Day In The Sun(11:30)


Connecting Theory is a band consisting of Laura and Duncan Cooper. For the sake of convenience, I assume that they are a married couple and they live in the United Kingdom. In Plain Sight is their second release. The first one is Connecting Theory from 2020.

Laura is the singer on the album, Duncan plays all the instruments and wrote the whole album. There are a lot of instruments you can discover on the album, like guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophones, flute, cello, violin and drums that are programmed.

What will you get, when you are listening to this album? Normally I like to give you all details by number. Now I can give you a direct conclusion of the album.

The album is just 37 minutes long. In that 37 minutes you will get 5 songs. All the ideas Duncan had in mind he just put in these 5 songs making it a total mush that you can't tie a rope on. Then the music you think you are listening to is going to the right, but hey, if you consider this, you missed it turned to the left, right, left and right again. All the things you hear are fragmented in short solo's that are not in the right place of the song, or just had to be in another song, or was right to build a song round.

It is a pity that I cannot recommend one single song on this album. Duncan and Laura did their best, but in my opinion they tried too hard.

** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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