Colster - Colster

(CD 2010, 1:14:04, MA.Ra.Cash Records MRC 018)

The tracks:
  1- Searching Absolution
  2- The First Wait
  3- Everyday Life
  4- Island Asylum
  5- Mind Rejection
  6- Searching Absolution, Fase 2
  7- Searching Absolution, Fase 3
  8- Melancholy
  9- See Through The Tears
10- Colster Video Trailer (bonus track)

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It seems that pure instrumental music is going through a revival, looking at the number of promos of this kind of music Iíve had to review the past few months. However, in the case of the Italian duo Colster, consisting of Livio Cravero on guitar, bass and synths and Francesco Previotto on drums and percussion, this is not a punishment. Their eponymous debut album contains nine enjoyable tracks which differ considerably in style. Itís for instance very clear where Colster get their absolution in the track Searching Absolution: the nineties incarnation of Robert Frippís King Crimson. The First Wail starts with a bit of fusion after which the song develops into a progressive piece. Everyday Life reminds me of The Mahavishnu Orchestra playing on a quiet Sunday afternoon, while Alan Holdsworth and the Jamband pay a visit. These guys are able to produce nice full and rounded sounds, which stays transparent all the while. Because of this, Colster is good for a pleasant hour of music, yielding one of the better instrumental releases of the past few months.

*** Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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