Colin Edwin & Lorenzo Feliciati
- Twinscapes

(CD 2017, 58:23, Rare Noise Records ‎- RNR037)

The tracks:
  1- Shaken(5:56)
  2- Alice(5:54)
  3- In Dreamland(6:25)
  4- Breathsketch(3:27)
  5- Transparent(4:55)
  6- i-Dea(6:01)
  7- Conspiracy(3:44)
  8- Perfect Tool(4:11)
  9- Sparse(4:52)
10- YŁgen(6:20)
11- Solos(6:39)

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Another excellent artist who can place himself in the ranks of Steven Wilson is Colin Edwin. A brilliant bass player with more history than Porcupine Tree alone. After this big adventure he also played with another accomplice of SW, Tim Bowness. And of course with ExWise Heads. In this Twinscapes project he joins another big name in bass playing musicians: Lorenzo Feliciati. Maybe not in prog, but in jazz he earned his reputation.
Together with some other session musicians they are off to a jazzy masterpiece where you can hear the excellence of their skills on the (mostly) 4 stringed guitar. Mixed by funk and jazz engineer Bill Laswell , who masters this style to lift it to a high standard.

It's a good record, high quality, dreamy, jazzy, instrumental, not my thing...
As it is for my taste too freaky and I can't stand the noise of trumpets and saxophones playing in this fashion (again, its personal). i-Dea is a good example of it. It just does not appeal to me.
Conspiracy and Perfect Tool are highlights for me, although the jazz sauce is poured over these tracks, they give you a more electronic and experimental experience.

All in all it gives an idea of how these two musicians master their instruments and let you hear in parts of it that bass guitars are not boring at all.

*** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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