Club Merano - High Road

(CD 2011; 51:04; Exogenic Music Group)

The tracks:
  1- Orbit Voyage(3:07)
  2- Medley 1970(5:30)
  3- Flame On(5:22)
  4- Lovers(5:06)
  5- Days Of Our Lives(4:31)
  6- Comfort Zone(4:09)
  7- Sunny Day(4:49)
  8- Awaiting(3:54)
  9- Forbidden Dreams(3:44)
10- Thamel(5:46)
11- Someday(5:42)

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The worst thing that can happen to a reviewer is to receive a promo which is neither really bad nor really good. Because when that happens you are not quite sure what to write about it. Those 'stuck-in-the-middle' releases often originate when a band mixes many styles on one CD. Yes, you have guessed it, the Helsinki based Club Merano is such a band. The seven musicians bring each of their own tastes in and their debut CD High Road was recorded in various places like Finland, Portugal and Nepal (why?) and there it is: an eclectic bunch of songs. Varying from party music (opener Orbit Voyage) to melancholic seventies with a hint of Earth & Fire (Flame On), and via a song influenced by Jaga Jazzist (Lovers) and a track which compels you to shout 'Rawhide' (Comfort Zone) to an up-tempo Yes-like composition (Awaiting). Some songs are pretty good to excellent, others are rather boring. The best advice I can give you: listen before you buy.

**André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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