Closure -
The Memory Of A Madman

(CD 2014, 51:20, RNC Music)

The tracks:
  1- November 13th 1956
  2- D.D.I
  3- Protected By Trees
  4- Kraken
  5- No One Will Forget
  6- Murmur
  7- L.I.E.S.
  8- Dreams
  9- About Your Idea
10- Like A Butterfly
11- The Memory Of A Madman

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Closure is the name of a musical project by five individuals, that started in 2009. Two years later their collaborations led to the release of their debut Striving For Knowledge. After several concerts at festivals and contests, they grew music wise and started to work on a follow up release. This came to being in 2014 and was given the title The Memory Of A Madman.

On The Memory Of A Madman Simone "Cyd" Poletti (vocals and acoustic guitar), Luca Rosa Sentinella (guitars), David Fulcheri (keyboards), Enzo Latona (bass) and Elvin Betti (drums) present themselves the best possible way. The eleven strong compositions they wrote and recorded for this album, tell the story of the imaginary person Mark Mullighan. He's a guy who was confined in a psychiatric hospital for ten years. His life is repressed, full of psycho-pharmacological drugs, and subjected to electroshock treatment. The music that comes along with this musical concept has, most of all, a very strong groove and is filled with emotions. Those emotions express Mark's anger and fear he has to deal with in a perfect way. The musicians took their inspiration to compose this soundtrack from several musical styles. Their mix of progressive rock, ambient music and metal influences works very well throughout the entire album. Those who like a very good, inspired musical concept, are in the right place with this release. The musicians shine brightly on their instruments and make sure you never have a dull moment.

Describing their sound wasn't easy, because in a way they, have a very strong musical identity of their own. I guess mentioning acts like Dream Theater, Marillion, Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson won't do justice to the music created. I'm certain others will mention different references when they hear this strong album. The musicians simply cover a large part of the musical landscape that's available nowadays. It travels from strong, instrumental prog rock parts, to swaggering stoner rock riffs, via subdued acoustic ballads, to slow-tempo trip-hop beats. The same goes for mentioning the highlights on this release; something I simply couldn't do, because everything is of the same high level. Therefore, it's highly advised to play the album from start to finish in one go. This way you'll never miss anything and you ease into the subject told.

Most of the time, a strong soundtrack is less enjoyable without fantastic artwork; something which definitely comes along with this release. The sketches drawn on the cover and inside the booklet look like they were made by the leading man in this concept story himself. So I can say bravo! to the art work department as well.

The Memory Of A Madman is, most of all, an album that'll be enjoyed by those who like concept albums like Marillion's Brave (1994), Pink Floyd's The Wall (1979) and Dream Theater's Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory (1999). It's almost of the same high musical level and therefore highly recommended.

**** Henri Strik (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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