Cirrha Niva -
For Moments Never Done

(CD 2009, 46:28, Parnassus RecordsPCNCDC005)

The tracks:
  1- The Fooling(07:18)
  2- Dreamon(05:07)
  3- Framed(08:02)
  4- Running From The Source(06:10)
  5- Golan Heights(06:55)
  6- Spring Before Winter(04:48)
  7- Self-Chosen(08:14)

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Cirrha Niva is a Dutch prog metal band and For Moments Never Done is their third album. Their previous recording was a rock opera entitled Liaison De La Morte. In 2001, I witnessed an impressive performance of that rock opera in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Since then the line-up has changed drastically. The current line-up consists of vocalist Legrand, guitarists Carlo Heefer and Rob Willemse, bassist DaniŽl Huijben and Tommy White on drums.

I've listened to For Moments Never Done a number of times. Although prog metal is not my favourite musical style, I have to admit that this album has many interesting moments and contains no weak songs at all. The musical references of Cirrha Niva are many. I hear hints from Metallica, Evergrey and Dream Theater, but also from bands you not so easily file under prog metal like Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More and Thin Lizzy. Besides, I heard many musical ideas from Queensryche, one of my favourite prog rock bands. On all tracks, both guitarists play excellent, but as far as Iím concerned the most important trademark of the band is Legrand with his powerful voice, above all in the penultimate track Spring Before Winter. The final song Self Chosen is typical for Cirrha Nivaís musical style: heavy drums, speedy guitars accompanied by the emotional voice of Legrand and finishing with thunder and lightning. So, send your wife and children to the shopping mall, close the door and play this record loud...††††††

***+† Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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