Circadian Pulse -
Elements Of Existence

(CD 2018, 43:20, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Suspended(6:14)
  2- Medley Belief(6:17)
  3- Disruptive Oceans(3:56)
  4- Secrets(5:39)
  5- Peace Of Mind(5:20)
  6- Nature(4:24)
  7- Transcending Evolution(11:28)

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It has been over six years since I reviewed Circadian Pulse's EP; In The Blink Of An Eye. At the time I was quite impressed by the band's music and looking forward to a full album by the band. Due to circumstances, vocalist Adrian Sofia and drummer Tommy O left, but still are credited for their help of developing the music of Elements Of Existence. In addition, keyboard player Dave Holley is no longer a member of Circadian Pulse's line-up. So, who's currently in the band? For sure, the core of bass player Simon D'Alfonso and both guitarists Stephen Stergiadis and Bijendra Byanjankar are still on board and new vocalist Daniel Viktor, who came to the rescue, seems to have settled as a steady member now. Both drummer and keyboard player remain uncertain for now. The 2018 album has been recorded with Simon and Matthew Mulhall as keyboard players and the drums are pretty well composed with the help of

Musically Circadian Pulse blends parts of Fates Warning with the power of perhaps lesser-known bands like Magnitude Nine, Psycho Drama and Event, added with a splash of Dream Theater. Suspended is the perfect opener, the song is both catchy as well as displaying the technical abilities of the musicians. A perfect way to draw the attention of the listener and even more; making you eager for what more to expect. During the following Medley Belief the quality of the previous composition continues; Medley Belief is a solid powerful composition, a lot of energy and dynamic guitars lift the song up. The keyboards on the album are kept to a more supportive role; adding atmosphere. I think during the spheric; Nature the keyboards are standing out the most, supporting an acoustic guitar and the spoken words during this track. Like the first two songs, Disruptive Oceans is an up-tempo composition, with great vocals and solid guitar parts. I have to say the drum parts are impressive on this one, credits to whoever played them. As we continue with Secrets and Peace Of Mind, the songs are getting a bit more slower, increasing the emotional side of the compositions. The guitar parts are amazing and particularly the second part of Peace Of Mind is brilliant in my opinion. Vocalist James Viktor reminds me of Corey Brown sometimes. Transcending Evolution is perhaps the obligated epical track; something many progressive rock bands are struggling with, but our Australian friends have come up with a brilliant final track. Great song writing and thorough artisanship make this the absolute highlight of the album. Both technical and emotional the perfect end of a great album.

Elements Of Existence is a wonderful album, great songs, great playing. Their sound is different from the currently successful Australian wave of progressive metal bands like Caligula's Horse, Voyager or Karnivool and is more referring to the progressive power bands from the USA I was referring to earlier. Nevertheless, a great effort and I hope Circadian Pulse will close the ranks with a great drummer. With a little bit of luck we will be able to listen to a successor sooner that the six years we had to wait for this album.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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