Circa: - And So On

(CD 2011, 57:05, Private release)

The tracks:
  1- And So On(9:06)
  2- Cast Away(4:48)
  3- Till We Get There(6:36)
  4- Notorious(5:36)
  5- Half Way Home(4:56)
  6- In My Sky(3:31)
  7- True Progress(7:42)
  8- Each To His Own(4:41)
  9- Life's Offering(10:09)

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The first album by Circa: dates back to 2007, followed by Circa HQ in the year 2009. I liked both albums and I was really looking forward to a new album by Billy Sherwood's band Circa:. The line up of the band has changed a little as Alan White (Yes) left the band and was replaced by drummer Scott Connor with the rest of the band being; Billy Sherwood (guitar, vocals, bass guitar), Tony Kaye (keyboards) and Johnny Bruhns (guitar). The songs are obviously influenced by Yes and other symphonic prog rock related bands. So if you listen very carefully to the title track or Till We Get There you have the feeling that you are listening to Steve Howe and Chris Squire - in other words: magical stuff!   Cast Away is a rather boring song and sounds very Oldfield ish to me, while Half Way Home is a heavier song filled with Yes and Genesis trademarks and a beautiful guitar solo. In My Sky is the weakest song on the album as it only features vocals and acoustic guitar and therefore bores me to death after 1 minute already... Circa: saves the best for last as the epic Life's Offering - clocking over 10 minutes - is without any doubt the best song of the album. It is diverse, experimental, sounds great and the guitar and keyboard passages and melodies are really awesome. Overall I really like the album although I hardly ever listen to Castaway and In My Sky as they are truly redundant to me... If you like Yes, Genesis, and other music from Billy Sherwood, then this album is a must!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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