Chandelier - We Can Fly

(CD 2023, 51:22, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Space Controller(7:40)
  2- Help Me(6:21)
  3- Spring(10:09)
  4- In Between(4:51)
  5- Mixed Magnificent Arts(4:49)
  6- Light(2:28)
  7- Forever And A Day(15:04)

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Twenty-six years after their third album Timecode (1997), the German neo prog band Chandelier return to the fold with We Can Fly. Chandelier now consists of Maritn Eden (vocals), Udo Lang (guitars), Herry Rubarth (drums) and Christoph Tiber (bass guitar) and newcomer Armin Riemer (keys)

The new album kicks off with one of the best songs of the album being: Space Controller, featuring lots of epic guitar melodies and pure symphonic keyboards passages. Help Me is almost a pure mainstream rock track, while In Between is filled with strings (violin, viola, and cello) played by guest Rudiger Blomer and the vocals of another guest, being former Grobschnitt member Toni Moff Mollo. The last track, an epic one, clocking in just over fifteen minutes is packed with sounds of the sea, seagulls and the sometimes, rather weird vocals of Moff Mollo.

Overall, We Can Fly is not a bad album, especially if you like bands like Marillion, Genesis, IQ, or Saga, as Chandelier obviously is musically inspired by those notorious prog bands.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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