Cen-ProjekT - Dark Clouds

(CD 2023, 55:06, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- No Passions(6:16)
  2- Fleeting Spark(6:18)
  3- Hand In hand(5:01)
  4- I Can fly(7:15)
  5- The Phoenix(5:08)
  6- In Their Realm Of Silence And hue(6:50)
  7- From Nothing To Life(7:55)
  8- The Boy And His Butterfly(6:00)
  9- Dance Of Existence(5:43)

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Band info. "Cen-ProjekT from Germany is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Chris Engels who founded a trio with bass player Wolfgang Kropf and drummer Marius Böffgen. The lyrics are inspired by poems. Chris has also released many studio albums under his name, but these are more on the heavier side."

The 9 melodic and harmonic compositions on this new Cen-ProjekT album sound simply structured but tastefully arranged, with pleasant vocals (a slight accent) and a lot of room for soli on guitar and synthesizer. Often the symphonic rock of 76/77 Genesis and the Neo-Prog of 80s Pendragon come to my mind. My highlights.

No Passions (6:16) A spacy intro, with pleasant vocals, in a mellow atmosphere, twanging guitars join. Halfway a synthesizer solo and Vintage Prog Heaven (Mellotrons, Hammond organ), in the end a bombastic closing section with sparkling synthesizers and Mellotron choirs, wow!

Fleeting Spark (6:18) Wonderful twanging acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals, then a slow rhythm with soaring Mellotrons and a moving guitar solo and flashy synthesizer solo, culminating in a sumptuous final part.

Hand In hand (5:01) In the first part Mellotron strings and dreamy vocals, then a swinging break with duo vocals, followed by a flashy synthesizer solo, and a fiery wah-wah drenched guitar solo. Finally dreamy vocals and Mellotron choirs.

From Nothing To Life (7:55) A dreamy atmosphere, embellished with majestic Mellotron choirs (evoking Afterglow by Genesis), then a break with organ and a sensational synthesizer solo.

The final composition Dance Of Existence (5:43) is my absolute highlight on this new album. First mellow with dreamy vocals and twanging guitars (strong hints from 70s Genesis), halfway the music becomes more lush, in a slow rhythm, and finally shifting to a bombastic climate with Mellotrons, and a spectacular Minimoog sounding synthesizer solo, beautiful and compelling 70s Genesis prog.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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