Cedric Leroy - …ologie

(CD 2009, 50.06, Musea DR 8465)

The tracks:
  1- …ologie part 13.22
  2- …ologie part 24.09
  3- …ologie part 33.16
  4- …ologie part 43.24
  5- …ologie part 53.48
  6- …ologie part 64.55
  7- …ologie part 74.02
  8- …ologie part 83.06
  9- …ologie part 9 3.59
10- …ologie part 103.44
11- …ologie part 113.08
12- …ologie part 124.38
13- …ologie part 134.22

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Cedric Leroy is a French keyboard player born in Dakar, Senegal. He creates his electronic music with Midi-keyboards, sequencers, a piano and several computer-assisted music software tools. On his first album …ologie, he claims a high environmental consciousness with a tribute to wind and earth. So you can hear thirteen atmospheric and ethereal compositions, each developing a different atmosphere. Some of them can even be used for your own soundtracks or films.

As you would expect, Cerdic Leroy is influenced by the music of Jean Michel Jarre, but the electronic sounds of Vangelis or Michael Garrison are never far away. We can even hear modern sounds and beats like DJ TiŽsto uses and ambient music as well. Moreover, the thirteen tracks vary in length between three and five minutes; there is never a dull moment. My personal favourites are …ologie, parts 6, 7, 9 and 13. So, if you like varied electronic music, try this one. By the way, the only criticism Iíve got is of a mechanical nature: on my CD-player the first tracks end very abrupt, even rude...††††

†***+† Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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