Catafalchi Del Cyber -
Benediktus Und Vobis Quoque, Catafalcus Est Tu

(CD 2011, 46:54; Ma.Ra.Cash Records MRC 022)

The tracks:
  1- E Adesso Facciamo I Soldi(5:36)
  2- Benediktus(5:58)
  3- Dark Regulation(4:11)
  4- Ocean(8:16)
  5- Carabinieri(2:21)
  6- Metanolo(5:40)
  7- Recinzioni(4:04)
  8- Ipercomunismo Postalieno III  (4:15)

MaRaCash Records

Receiving a promo without a CD cover, booklet or band info, let alone track titles, it is not a promising start for this new Italian band (yes, I used the internet). The opening track doesn't help too much either as it is mediocre Italian prog, we've heard it a thousand times before, boring. Lacklustre and in an uninterested mood, I continue listening and gradually my mind starts wandering, the veils are lifting, and I am then seeing the light fantastic. This band can really play in a deviant way-this is very, very nice and adventurous prog. Heavy on the synthesizers and the distorted guitars, with excellent singing, these fine tracks always contain a twist. This is a band that is difficult to compare to others-nice, really nice. I cannot find much information on the net about this group. It seems it was formed in 2003 during a King Crimson concert at Verona by misters Ravenoldi and Bertolini together with Cristiano Roversi from Moongarden and Gallio from OPS but I find difficulties hearing resemblances in their music to these bands. It sounds more like seventies prog mixed with a healthy dose of fusion. Recommended! 

**** André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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