Casual Silence - Lost In Life

(CD 2007, 60:54, Rock Inc/Private Release)

The tracks:
1- Goliath Theme(06:47)
2- Lost in Life(05:52)
3- Escape(06:35)
4- Memories(10:41)
5- Dress code(08:18)
6- Masquerade(06:46)
7- Pieces of Loss(06:07)
8- A kiss or a Bite(09:46)

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Casual Silence - Lost In Life

Aren't we all lost in life sometimes?
That's the question that the Dutch band Casual Silence asks itself on their new concept album Lost In Life. That album was released almost four years after Once In A Blue Moon. An album which already showed that they were in those days one of the best bands from the Netherlands making progressive rock music with an heavy edge. This new release proves one more time that they belong to the top of our music scene. Lost In Life shows that even outside their own country they should listen to this fantastic album. This album would certainly gain a lot of fans all over the world when they hear this awesome album. But why is this band and their new album so special? Well the six musicians have been playing a very long time together and they sound as a strong unit. With three people who can sing lead vocals do they have some fantastic harmony vocals which they use all the time. The two guitar players can play heavy riffs and melodic emotional solos. The new album has even some playing on the Spanish guitar. Their keyboard player is also very talented. Emotional piano parts or industrial synthesizers sounds are all included. Even a guitar in his hands is not a problem. He also has a large input in the production. Finally the rhythm section knows how to lay down some strong beats. I will not mention any names this time. But I will make an exception with the people who did some guest vocals and lifted the album to an even higher level. First we can again enjoy Sandra Peeters from V-Male on the title track. The second person probably does not need any introduction at all. His name is Damian Wilson and his contributions on Dress Code certainly made the song sound like Landmarq. A lot of hard work resulted in an album which only features strong material. Strong material that could grow during the bands live performances. All those individual songs were melted into one concept album that brought me into a fantasy world for one hour long. It's a pleasure to invite everybody to step into this fantasy world and get lost in life yourself.
Lost In Life is certainly a strong concept album and of an international level. So I can only say: Bravo! Well done!

**** Henri Strik

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