Cast - Power And Outcome

(CD 2017, 70:42, Progressive Promotion Records - PPRCD048)

The tracks:
  1- Rules Of The desert(11:34)
  2- Power And Outcome(7:24)
  3- Details A Circle Spins(5:45)
  4- Details B Start Again(8:43)
  5- Thru A Stained Glass(8:44)
  6- Illusions And Tribulations(9:26)
  7- The Gathering(8:15)
  8- Conquest(3:29)
  9- Full Circle(1:55)
10- Dialecto Para El Siglo XXI(5:16)

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Cast are a band from Mexico and are not to be confused with the 1990s indie band from the UK with the same name. This album is described as Symphonic Prog in the press release and it has elements of that. But to me, symphonic prog is lush Mellotrons, sweet strings and beautiful melodies. This album is to my ears Operatic Prog, Bombastic Prog (a word I will be using a lot) and Prog Metal.

I like some prog metal. There is a place in prog for some heavy chugging guitars if it is done well and tastefully sprinkled. However, in this instance it is in your face and continuance for most of the album along with the heavy keyboards. This is a very bombastic album. So much so that by the end of it your eardrums feel like they have had a real good bashing. To be honest I don't want to feel I have been beaten up after listening to an album, but it's how I felt after listening to this.

Now don't get me wrong. The musicians who play on this album are masters of their craft. The playing is fast, technical and positively amazing. Alfonso Vidales (keyboards) and Cladio Cordero (guitars) are brilliant musicians. If you like your music coming at you full pelt for over an hour, then this is for you. Unfortunately I don't and so this is not an album I enjoyed although I appreciated the skill and their vision.

** Dave Smith

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