Cálix -
Ventos de Outono (Ao Vivo)

(CD 2007, 67.11, OpenVP9 CD)

The tracks:
  1- Kazoo(4:38)
  2- Duas Visões(3:20)
  3- Deserto(4:36)
  4- Última Canção(4:50)
  5- Dança Com Devas(7:36)
  6- Ventos De Outono(4:04)
  7- Olhos Fechados(6:31)
  8- A Roda(4:15)
  9- Efeito Lunar(5:03)
10- The Journey(3:20)
11- Siga O Sol(3:06)
12- Canções De Beurin(7:14)
13- Trilogia(3:18)
14- No More Whispers [Acústico](5:34)

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As a reviewer, you sometimes get very interesting stuff to review. Take for instance this fine piece of music by the Brazilian band Cálix. I was very pleased to receive that one. Cálix is a five-piece that already exists for ten years now. The members of the band are Renato Savassi (vocals & flute), Sânzio Brandao (vocals & guitars), Rufino Silvério (piano & organ), Marcelo Cioglia (bass) and André Godoy (drums & percussion). Ventos de Outono (Ao Vivo) is their fourth album. Their previous three studio-albums are Cançöes De Beurin (2000), A Roda (2002) and Ventos De Outono (2007). In 2007, Ventos de Outono (Ao Vivo), their first live album appeared with the participation of the renowned Brazilian percussionist Daniela Ramon and an orchestra particularly formed for this event.

The album has been recorded in the Palácio das Artes, a large theatre in Belo Horizonte. The fourteen tracks vary a lot: from ballads, up-tempo songs and rock songs to acoustic, symphonic and folk songs. In Latin America, people often compare Cálix with Jethro Tull, because most tracks are folk rock orientated in which the flute plays an important role. Other references are The Moody Blues, Barclay James Harvest and The Mandala Band. This album contains many highlights. One way or another all songs have something special. Danca Com Devas and Olhols Fechados are fine examples of the fantastic sound of Cálix accompanied by an orchestra dominated by violins, flutes, drums and percussion. Play these tracks loud in order to hear all the used effects. A Roda is a nice ballad with audience participation in the beginning. The Journey differs completely from all the other tracks. It is sung in English and it contains some howling and rocking guitar solos. Cançöes De Beurin ends this concert. It starts slowly with a three-minute long excellent and bluesy guitar solo in the vein of David Gilmour.

The last two tracks Trilogia and No More Whispers Cálix recorded in the studio. Trilogia is the Brazilian variant of Pink Floyd’s One Of These Days with organ, lap guitar and flute solos. No More Whispers, also sung in English, is up-tempo with a honky-tonk piano and finger picking guitar work. If you like modern folk combined with rock music then this live album of Cálix is an excellent choice.  

****+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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