BunChakeze - Whose Dream?

(CD 2010, 47:16, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Bun Chakeze(1:57)
  2- Whose Dream?(4:05)
  3- Walk in Paradise(6:57)
  4- Handful of Rice(5:10)
  5- Flight of the Phoenix(6:20)
  6- Midnight Skies(6:25)
  7- Long Distance Runner(6:09)
  8- The Deal(7:50)
  9- Bun Chakeze (reprise)(2:24)

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BunChakeze started in London in 1985. Colin Tech (guitars, synths, vocals), Gary Derrick (bass), Cliff Deighton (drums) and Joey Lugassy (lead vocals) came together to make music focused on story-telling and top musicianship in the vein of Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong era as new wave hit the airwaves around that period and the band sank without a trace of a record. Twenty-five years later the band takes another shot at it and finally releases Whose Dream?, a debut album full of nice songs, well-sung, with quite a few instrumental passages. Can we compare the band to Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator and early-Genesis, as the band info states? Not by a long shot, I'm afraid. Yes, there are similarities in songs with complicated time signatures and breaks, but the compositions aren't that gripping as those of the aforementioned bands. You have to listen to Whose Dream? several times to remember some of the songs. Amidst all the good releases of other - I have to say younger bands - BunChakeze doesn't really stand out. Not bad, but not essential either.

** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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