Brave -
The Calm | The Storm (2019)

(CD 2019, 43:11,

The tracks:
  1- I Will Wait(4:36)
  2- Mystery(5:19)
  3- A 1000 Miles Of Sand(4:01)
  4- No Gravity(3:30)
  5- Summertime(3:45)
  6- Bay Song(1:51)
  7- Race To The End(4:54)
  8- November(4:41)
  9- Electric Ravens(4:35)
10- Feel The Rain(5:59)

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Brave is a band from Washington DC. They exist for a long time. They made a few albums in the past and The Calm | The Storm is their new baby. It took a while for the band to make some new music because the last album is from 2009, 10 years old already. The reason that it took so long is not clear to me. I didn't know the band till Background Magazine received this album for a review.

The band consists of Scott Loose (guitar), Trevor Schrotz (drums), Michelle Loose (vocals), Suvo Sur (violins and keys), Ben Kelly (bass) and Matt Kozar (guitar).

The music of Brave is not easy to classify. I hear a lot of styles like rock, metal and easy listening. Heavy and melodic.

If I have to mention the most spectacular element in the music of Brave, it would be the violins. They give the songs something extra. And, sorry, that extra element is necessary. Why? Well, because the music is in my humble opinion too straightforward. You can find the translation of the album title, The Calm | The Storm, in the songs. Some are calm, some are more like a storm, like Race To The End. This song is one of my favorites because of the heavy guitars, singing together and the violins that gives the extra touch, nice song. I Will Wait has its moments, the instrumental No Gravity is a nice one and Electric Ravens is a good one because of the really heavy guitar sounds. The rest of the songs miss the good elements for me.

The most disappointing element in the music is singer Michelle. Does she have a bad voice? No, she doesn't, Well, why disappointing then? Her voice does not fit to the music at several moments, and disturbs my pleasure in listening. I won't scare you, give this band a chance. I hope you will have some joy with their music.

The compositions are not bad at all, but they did not stick with me.

*** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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