Bornidol - II

(CD 2014, 41:11, Self Released)

The tracks:
  1- Mezzaluna(5:57)
  2- War(6:18)
  3- Sognare...Viaggiare...(7:30)
  4- Prologo(2:59)
  5- La Tempesta(6:35)
  6- I Banchettatori Di Corte(6:25)
  7- Demoni(5:24)

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If you like a fat Hammond organ sound that you can compare to the absolutely brilliant late Jon Lord you'll be pleasantly surprised! The keyboard player (and singer) Paolo Gatti hits the spot. Not only Hammonds but other synths and pianos are also present on this album. Together with guitarist Massimo Colosio they are making a stand. It all seems quite perfect.
Until Paolo opens his mouth. I'm sorry to say that he is not a very talented singer. And that makes it difficult to listen to. I can't say anything about the language, he sings in Italian, and I have to respect that. Except for Prologo, it's instrumental and the howling Hammond gives you goosebumps. La Tempesta promises to be a superior track with such a 'prologue'. It could be, it's a good track with some really nice heavy “riffing” in it and the welcome keyboard playing. I know the singer is doing his best, you can hear that. But it's just not making sense.

All in all a quite good prog (with a serious amount of rock) album. But it could be so much better with a good singer.

***+ Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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