Blurred Vision -
Organized Insanity

(CD 2014, 47:55, Blind Vision Music/ Cherry Red)

The tracks:
  1- No More War(4:02)
  2- Rollin' On(4:36)
  3- Tonight(3:40)
  4- Long May You Run(4:41)
  5- Promise(4:09)
  6- Dear John(4:26)
  7- Arms Of Our World(4:26)
  8- All I Wanted(3:21)
  9- Wherever You Are(3:48)
10- The Keeper(5:12)
11- Organized Insanity(5:31)

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The Canadian prog rock band Blurred Vision has finally released their long awaited debut album with the inspiring title Organized Insanity. The band was founded by the Iranian brothers Sohl (bass guitar) and Sepp (vocals, guitar) Osley, assisted by Ben Riley (drums) and Joel Lightman (keyboards); the latter sadly already left the band. Blurred Vision became rather well-known, maybe even notorious, for the release of their remake of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall, calling it however Hey Ayatollah, leave those kids alone (watch the video at You Tube).

The first single of the album is the emotional song Dear John which is inspired by the message and efforts of John Lennon and benefits New York-based charity WhyHunger. The band, now a trio, have been playing music since 2010 and their music on this debut album is a mix of progressive, alternative, and psychedelic modern rock and roll. So, listen to songs like the amazing opener No More War or the title track and you will catch my drift. Lyrics are very important to Blurred Vision as songs on the album touch upon personal experiences and controversial themes of religion, politics and war. Take the aforementioned song Dear John or a song like The Keeper. The latter being a prog rock song with middle eastern fusion melodies inspired by the Persian poet Hafez and the first verse of that track is even sung in Persian by Sepp.

The album was produced by no one less than Terry Brown, who is of course well-known for his work with my favourite prog rock band of all times: Rush. I really think that this Canadian band has a great future ahead of them, so check out this album, it is really worthwhile; listening tips: Organised Insanity, The Keeper and No More War.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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