Blind Ego - Numb

(CD 2009, 68:45, Red Farm Records/Farmland Music)

The tracks:
1- Lost(06:09)
2- Guilt(06:14)
3- Numb(06:09)
4- Leave(06:52)
5- Death(09:38)
6- Change(07:19)
7- Seek(05:40)
8- Risk(03:52)
9- Torn(04:45)
10- Vow(07:01)
11- Change Reprise(05:05)

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Numb is the second album of Blind Ego, a side project of Kalle Wallner, guitarist of RPWL. Just as Blind Egos first one Mirror, Wallner asked Paul Wrightson (ex-Arena) to do the vocals. John Jowitt (IQ) and Sebastian Harnack (Sylvan) play the bass and drummer Michael Schwager (Dreamscape) completes the line-up. Although the reviews of Mirror got high scores in general, I still think the album was not as good as any of the RPWL-albums, because the songs were not very consistent. Thus, my expectations did not run high for this one. Strange enough, there are no keyboards on Numb. Is that a problem? Well, it depends on your preference: traditional symphonic rock or progressive rock. Kalle choose for a mixture of prog rock and prog metal. After hearing the album several times, I concluded that Numb is a very good progressive rock album. All songs are vital, melodious and have nice choruses. Some songs start mysteriously with sounds capes while others grasp you straight by the throat. Risk is the only short acoustic ballad on the album, well sung by Wrightson. Although Numb is a heavy album, there is enough variation. In my opinion, the best songs are Death, Numb, Vow and the ballad Risk. Concerning the production of Numb Yogi Lang (RPWL) did a perfect job: a crystal clear production with a modern sound.

****+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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