Blacklight -
Follow The Future

(CD 2020, 43:55, Lynx Music LM182CD)

The tracks:
  1- And I(4:22)
  2- Gater(3:42)
  3- My Cloud(4:35)
  4- In My Eyes(3:57)
  5- When I See You(4:51)
  6- My Life(3:47)
  7- Pre Road(3:30)
  8- On The Road(5:22)
  9- Winter(2:44)

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Polish band Blacklight only started in 2019 in Krakow, with members who all hail from different musical genres. Blacklight consists of vocalist Marcin Kocielski, guitarist Maciej Majewski, who also takes the lead vocals on the album's final track, lead guitarist Robert Kurzyński, bass player Tomasz Szydło and finally drummer Jan Krawczy. Musically, the band is influenced by the various genres the aforementioned members have their roots in. Like Opeth, Rush, Tool, Dead Can Dance and landsmen Riverside.

Listening to Follow The Future, I realise the influences mentioned must be closer to each other than the accompanying info stated, just for the fact it is a wonderful progressive rock album, where the softer, melodic parts of some of the bands mentioned above come together. Check out the opener And I, which is a beautiful entrance to Blacklight's album. A great melodic composition, presenting a great voice and fine instrumentalists. I would add parts of Katatonia and Lion Shepherd to their influences, listening to the songs. I guess its Marcin's calm voice that leads the way in the songs and defines their music. Listen to the melodrama in his vocals during My Cloud or the sentiment during My Life. Although the final piece, Winter shows the nice dark voice from Maciej, which does suit the song wonderfully, Marcin's vocals are the preferred on the album. Funny thing is, when you listen to the instrumental Pre Road, you really get into the instrumentalists and realize this post rock influenced track is a really beautiful one. It also makes you listen with a different ear to the vocal laden tracks, concluding that behind that fine voice is a thorough and brilliant band.

In the end I am very happy this album found it's way to my desk, I enjoyed every minute of it. Meet the next promising progressive band from Poland. I would highly recommend this one. Well done.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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