Billy Sherwood -
What Was The Question?

(CD 2011, 61:38, Silly Sherwood)

The tracks:
  1- What Was The Question?(7:12)
  2- Counting The Cables(8:40)
  3- Living In The Now(6:00)
  4- Delta Sierra Juliet(6:30)
  5- Neutral Ground(6:32)
  6- Free World On Fire(9:30)
  7- Made Of Stars(6:25)
  8- Going Under The Radar(4:16)
  9- Just Breathe(5:23)


Workaholic Billy Sherwood has released his fifth studio album and it sounds like an extension of the work he has done over the last few years. As you probably know, he played in World Trade, Yes, Lodgic, Conspiracy (with Chris Squire), Yoso and Circa: and besides that, he appeared on numerous other albums. On What Was The Question? Billy played all the instruments and this gives this album a kind of Mike Oldfield-feeling, although the sound of this album is a mix of seventies and eighties Yes music, sparkled with a little bit of Genesis, Rush and Pink Floyd.   Billy's vocals especially remind me of good old Peter Gabriel-just listen to the opening title track and you will probably agree with me. One of the highlights of the album is Free World On Fire and this is mainly due to the excellent guitar solos in the beginning and the middle of the song. Made Of Stars is also dominated by guitar melodies and riffs and is one of my personal favourites. Lyrically speaking, Billy writes about interesting topics like e.g. Wikileaks (Counting The Cables) or global politics (Free World On Fire), but also about normal everyday problems in Living In The Now. On Delta Sierra Juliet we hear John Wetton as guest vocalist, making this a special track as well. The only “problem” I have with this album is that after a couple of spins, the songs tend to sound alike too much, or is that just my imagination? What Was The Question? is a great symphonic rock album and a must for fans of Yes and other related bands. Listening tip: Free World On Fire!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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