Bill Nelson -
Practically Wired

(CD 2012, 45:28, Esoteric Recordings COCD 1004)

The tracks:
  1- Roses And Rocket Ships(2:57)
  2- Spinning Planet(4:31)
  3- Thousand Fountain Island(2:09)
  4- Piano(1:21)
  5- Pink Buddha Blues(4:06)
  6- Kid With A Cowboy Tie(2:39)
  7- Royal Ghosts(5:12)
  8- Her Presence In Flowers(4:08)
  9- Big Noise In Twangtown(2:21)
10- Tiny Little Thing(1:06)
11- Wild Blue Cycle(3:30)
12- Every Moment Infinite(4:10)
13- Friends From Heaven(4:55)
14- Eternal For Emiko(2:23)

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Guitar player, singer and producer Bill Nelson was born in Wakefield, England on December 18, 1948; he made about 85 albums including the ones he recorded with his bands Be Bop Deluxe, Orchestra Arkana and Red Noise. Now Esoteric Recordings released a newly remastered edition of the album Practically Wired (Or How I Became Guitar Boy) which was originally released in 1995. The album has been unavailable for more than ten years; it's an instrumental guitar album meant for guitar freaks only. Most of the tracks consist of fast riffs, speedy arpeggios and lots of hooks and weird guitar sounds. Best tracks are the rather melodic Pink Buddha Blues holding a nice guitar solo, and the ballad-like piece Kid With A Cowboy Tie. The rest of the material is rather dull and predictable. As I already stated this album is especially for guitar freaks and please skip the utterly boring tracks Piano and Tiny Little Thing!

** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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