Beyond The Labyrinth -
Brand New Start

(CD 2019, 19:59, Freya Records 191987)

The tracks:
  1- Brand New Start(4:02)
  2- Shine(4:14)
  3- In Flanders Fields(5:42)
  4- Salve Mater(5:56)

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Belgium rock outfit Beyond The Labyrinth returns to the scene with a Brand New Start, a 4 song EP that holds re-recordings of previously released tracks. This time founder and guitar player Geert Fieuw introduces the highly regarded vocalist Filip Lemmens alongside returning members; drummer Michel Lodder, keyboard player Sjoerd Bruyneel and bass player Wilfried Kiekens.

A soaring Hammond organ dominates the albums opener; Brand New Start. Hints of classic rock dinosaurs Uriah Heep and Jon Lord's days in Deep Purple revive. Along with a very catchy song line I think vocalist Filip have proven himself already. Eighties drums and again the catchy vocals are the most important ingredients during the remake of Beyond The Labyrinth's first EP; Shine. The fine combination of keyboards and guitar make this song a very strong one. Darker and moodier is In Flanders Fields, the band's anthem. The new approach gives the song more depth and highlights a subtle Pink Floyd kind of keyboard. Haunting and threatening is the new version of 2017's Salve Mater, including a dark, creepy atmosphere.

After listening to this EP I think this line-up should get together and start writing new tracks, this EP sounds very promising for the future. I am anxious for the songs that result from this corporation. Brand New Start highlights good old classic rock, including a very fine Hammond.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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