Believe - Yesterday Is A Friend

(CD 2008, 52:54, Metal Mind MMP CD 0593)

The tracks:
1- Time(06:19)
2- Tumor(06:05)
3- What They Want (Is My Life)(08:03)
4- Mystery Is Closer(06:02)
5- You & Me(04:53)
6- Danny Had A Neighbour(05:17)
7- Memories(07:22)
8- Unfaithful(06:15)
9- Together(02:34)

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Two years after their debut album Hope To See Another Day (2006), the Polish formation Believe has delivered a second effort with the nostalgic title Yesterday Is A Friend. Believe features guitar player Mirek Gil, well known from Collage and Satellite.

The nine songs on the album sound very pleasant with a blend of modern prog rock and folk. There is an important role for the sensitive guitar work and intense violin playing reminding me of Japanese proggers Outer Limits. From the very first song performed by Believe, their music carries me away. I undergo the music as a ‘warm bath’. In general, the music changes from dreamy with twanging acoustic guitars, violin and flute to compelling with moving electric guitar. Sometimes you can enjoy a propulsive beat that contains fiery guitar. I am delighted about the contrast between the violin and the electric guitar and the fair amount of emotional vocals. The distinctive melancholic Polish undertone, gives the music an extra dimension. The short but wonderful final track Together brings acoustic Led Zeppelin (like on III) to my mind. The role of the keyboards is limited to beautiful piano work in some songs. In Mystery Is Closer, guest musician Adam Milosz has a star-part on synthesizers and organ. Gradually Poland turns into a strong progressive rock country with bands like Collage, Quidam, Riverside,Satellite, Osada Vida and Nemezis to name a few. In this case, Believe succeeds in making favourable impressions. Especially the fans who like modern prog rock with folky elements will enjoy this album.

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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