Believe -
Hope To See Another Day

(CD 2013, 68:57, Metal Mind Records)

The tracks:
  1- What Is Love(7:41)
  2- Needles In My Brain(5:21)
  3- Liar(6:58)
  4- Seven Days(6:10)
  5- Coming Down(6:06)
  6- Don't Tell Me(5:31)
  7- Hope To See Another Day(12:00)
Bonus tracks:
  8- Liar (live)(7:25)
  9- Pain (live)(6:28)

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Hope To See Another Day is a re-release of the debut album of the Polish prog rockers of Believe. Originally it appeared in 2006. Back then the album got good reviews and I rather liked it. My favourite tracks are What Is Love and the extended title track. This new edition features two additional songs, namely live versions of Liar and Pain which were of course also featured on the original album. These songs were recorded live in Konin, Poland in 2006 with new arrangements and different guitar solos and violin parts, but these versions don't differ that much from the original studio versions. Recently Believe released the new album The Warmest Sun In Winter, in my opinion their best one so far, so I think this reissue is redundant or maybe it's meant to be for the diehard fans only...

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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