Barend Tromp -
Juvenile Fish Tales

(CD 2022, 48:11, Subcontinental Records)

The tracks:
  1- Narcomedusae(4:36)
  2- Lord Of The Fishes(6:53)
  3- Colossal Octopus(3:56)
  4- Microscopic Zooplankton(4:10)
  5- Underwater World(4:13)
  6- Bass Of Doom(5:02)
  7- Golden Mahseer(3:40)
  8- Extreme Jaw Forces Of Extinct Piranhas(5:42)
  9- Snakeheads Crawling On Land(4:12)
10- Psychedelic Frogfish(4:46)
11- Balaena Mysticetus(1:29)

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Juvenile Fish Tales is the new instrumental concept album by Dutch bass guitar, guitar, and sitar player Barend Tromp.

Each of the eleven tracks on this album represents a different kind of fish and Tromp plays almost all instruments, besides the drums, himself. As well as bass guitar and guitar, you can also enjoy rather exotic instruments like sitar and fretless guitar and Tromp's music has obvious influences and musical elements of world music, funk, fusion and even seventies prog rock, while Tromp's bass playing is influenced by Stanley Clarke, Les Claypool and Michael Manring. The latter plays along on the track Golden Mahseer being a rather melancholic one mainly due to the mix of Indian sitar and Western instruments. Extreme Jaws is a real funky track, while Snakeheads Crawling On Land is an almost science fiction soundtrack and Underwater World is a real weird track and certainly not my favourite one on the album. Lord Of The Fishes, the longest song on the album, is my favourite track as it is a very versatile track, almost sounding like techno pop music.

An album for lovers of bass guitar “dominated” fusion music, stylistically cohesive and extremely well played.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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