Barbara Rubin -
The Shadows Playground - Piano Works

(CD 2020, 47:47, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Endless Hope(5:05)
  2- Seven(4:41)
  3- La Maddalena(7:22)
  4- Clouds(1:32)
  5- Sunrise Promenade(3:45)
  6- The Shadows Playground(6:04)
  7- Sleeping Violin(6:52)
  8- La Ballata Degli Angeli(5:37)
  9- Helen's Word(5:52)

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If you are looking for a little musical oasis of tranquillity, spirituality, and virtuosity at the end of this very challenging year, you will not want to miss this mesmeric album from the Italian singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Barbara Rubin.

Rubin first came to my attention when she was one of the contributors to Change We Must, the exquisite video tribute to Jon Anderson 10 years ago.

This, her third album, showcases her extraordinary talents, from plangent violin to classically inspired piano playing and her naturally expressive voice, together with viola, synthesizers, guitar, bass and drum.

The nine compositions Rubin presents here all fit together beautifully, each delivering a different mood within a disciplined, melodic setting.

Andrea Giolo provides lead and backing vocals on some of them, their voices blending beautifully together, resulting in some gorgeous harmonies.

Stand-out tracks include the ethereal opener Endless Hope, while La Maddalena evokes a beautiful meditative state and the mellow title track features a resonant piano as Rubin's voice soars triumphant.

Some beautiful violin played “in the round” starts the delightful Helen's Word on which Veronica Fasanelli is another voice in its rousing grand choir chorus.

This is a beautiful addition to an already classic year of recorded music.

*** Alison Reijman

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