Bangtower - Casting Shadows

(CD 2010, 41:59, Declassified Records DR-1001-P)

The tracks:
  1- BBA(6:53)
  2- Sex Me Up(4:16)
  3- Hair of the Dog(5:26)
  4- Let 'Em Drown(3:49)
  5- Ballad of Wealth(6:33)
  6- Man in the Middle(5:04)
  7- Groove Snake(3:20)
  8- ters(5:11)

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Casting Shadows sounds a lot like Brand X. That's not that strange as the bass player of Bangtower is Brand X's Percy Jones. This legendary string puller with his own particular technique on the fretless bass, has assembled a trio with guitarist Neil Citron, of Lana Lane and Erik Norlander fame, and drummer Walter Garces (Electric Prunes) to make jazz-fusion in the vein of Brand X, but then more jazzy. Therefore Casting Shadows reminds me of the many jazz-fusion trios of recent years. This is quite favourable as there's a lot of high energy and blistering guitar work in the eight tracks which contain many different styles like prog fusion, blues fusion and rock fusion in the vein of Jeff Beck. Any group with Percy Jones can't go wrong, can it? Hopefully the trio realizes this too and therefore will make some more records, preferably live ones.

*** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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