Backwards Runners -
Another Day, Another Dream

(CD 2016, 52:23, Lynx Music LM112CD)

The tracks:
  1- Rise(5:22)
  2- I Could(5:11)
  3- Newborn(5:48)
  4- Fairy Tale(7:08)
  5- Gravity(4:04)
  6- 4B.(2:25)
  7- Put The Line(5:22)
  8- Another Day, Another Dream(4:15)
  9- Love And Other Disasters(5:21)
10- 5 Feet Underground(7:27)

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The first time I heard the debut album from Muse, I was blown away. I'd never heard something like that. The first time I heard the debut album bye Coldplay, I was blown away once more. Guess what... The first time I listened to the debut album of Backwards Runners, Another Day, Another Dream, my first thoughts were that this was an English crossover band. The album has a lot of Muse and Coldplay influences. I was really surprised when I found out that these guys came from Poland.

Backward Runners are: Maciej Romanowski (guitars), Oscar Jensen (vocal), Małgorzata Zemanowicz (keyboards), Jacek Olszewski (bass) and Maciej "Adaś" Pancer (drums). The whole album sounds very mature. Therefore, it is special that all members are relative young.

All tracks have a dark atmosphere which is created by very dark keyboard sounds and lingering guitar sounds. Further on, the vocals are very lingering too. When you shake this cocktail of darkness you get Backward Runners.

Of course the albums has exceptions. The second track I Could sounds more open and more positive. This song could be written by Coldplay. It's a high quality track.

Gravity is also an odd track on the album. It is more or less an up-tempo song. It reminds me of David Bowie in the mid-eighties.

4B is a weird sounding instrumental intermezzo. The song is built up with clean guitar sounds, a little percussion and subtle keyboards.

Love And Other Disasters is some sort of sequel to the intermezzo 4B. It is a very modest song in which deep keyboard sounds are taking the lead. Partly the singing is transformed by some effect. It sounds crazy, but it fits in this song.

I think I can be short and clear: Backward Runners is a crossover band with a golden future I believe. I am very curious how this band will develop itself. Their second album will be crucial. When these guys can hold this level and even develop themselves, I think they have the potential to grow to the highest level.

One thing's for sure, I will follow these guys in the coming years!

****+ Aad Bannink (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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