Atomic Workers - Third Disaster

(CD 2009, 41.48, Nasoni Records)

The tracks:
  1- Secret Way To The Valley(4:40)
  2- Third Disaster(6:14)
  3- You(5:33)
  4- Chaos On The Breeze(4:06)
  5- Lost Pleasure(2:37)
  6- Hereís Where I Belong(3:20)
  7- Home(4:13)
  8- Breakdown(3:21)
  9- Kap E-tone(7:43)

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Atomic Workers is an Italian band formed in 2003 by bass player Michele Rossiello. In the same year, they recorded their debut album Embryonic Suicide and in 2007 they released their second effort Wall Of Water Behind Me. Together with Laurence OíTool (guitar, vocals), Daniel Sindaco (guitar), Diego Mocci (drums) and Fabio Mongelli (guitars) Rossiello released Third Disaster.††

With such a title, my expectations didnít run high in advance. I really tried to listen to this album without being biased, but it didnít help a bit. This album really is a true disaster! Donít expect prog or symphonic rock here! Itís just seventies hard rock, influenced by psychedelia, garage rock and early punk (!). Iím sorry to say, but this not the kind of music the readers of our magazine like. The songs are much too heavy and besides I missed a progressive or symphonic structure in practically all nine tracks. After listening to this album once, my reward was a big headache. Normally, I listen to the albums I have to review several times before reaching my final rating, but this time one spin was more than enough. The sound of my washing machine is even more interesting than this rubbish. Please, release me from this torture! Send an e-mail to our website and this disaster will be yours...

* Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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